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Our Services... Besides Towing

Classic Yellow MGB on Flatbed

Flat Tire

We can help with the changing of a flat tire. We have jacking equipment and tools to do the job quickly and safely. While many modern vehicles are equipped with all you’d need to change the tire yourself, you probably want, or should want, us to have us do it. We’ll respond quickly and get the job done with no damage to your vehicle and more importantly keeping you safe and secure.

Changing a tire on the side of the road is a risky thing. We highly recommend that you don’t do it alone, or yourself, especially in the dark. Many of our local Long Island roads are dark with areas that are not well lit for emergency situations. If you are stuck on the side of the Cross Island Expressway for example, drivers can’t always see you or your car, especially around corners and bends.

We have fully equipped rescue vehicles with LED lighting for both safety and work lights. We will first secure the site, make sure that other vehicles steer clear of your vehicle. We will then block off a work area for us to safely change the tire using cones, electronic flairs and lighting.


No Spare?

Many of today’s modern vehicles don’t come with spare tires. The vehicles are often equipped with “run flat tires,” but this term is often misleading. If you get a gash in the side of your tire, perhaps from curb rash, and the tire is then completely deflated, you shouldn’t drive on it. Driving on a shredded tire can quickly damage your rim, causing damage that will be very expensive to fix.

Even a nail can cause a run flat tire to lose all its air and cause the vehicle to have nothing to rest on but the rims. Perhaps you picked up a nail from a construction area, the run flat tires may not be able to withstand this much loss of air.  They may end up way too low and lose all their air causing the tire to indeed go flat.

Run flat tires rely on the sidewalls to hold the tire up despite lack of air. This is perhaps good for short term, slow driving, emergency drives and as long as the sidewall is intact, but if the sidewall is compromised for any reason, you won’t be able to more the car safely. At this point you should pull to the side of the road and let us assess the damage and situation.

If we are unable to change the tire on the side of the road, we can safely and easily bring your car to a local repair facility with a recommendation. There, at the tire repair shop, they can either repair the tire or replace it, but you will remain safe and be on your way in no time.

Note, often the tire is under warrantee and the local repair shop can give you options and credits toward the new tire. If your vehicle is new or leased, you can check with your manufacturer to determine the warrantee specifications for a partial or full refund of the repairs.


More About Tires

All tires are different. Tread wear is one thing, but the tire profile, the tire sidewall and speed rating all play a factor in its durability and the life of the tire. While some tires specifications note a tire life of 70,000 miles or more, quite often this requires careful maintenance to get to that high milage. Tires will need to be rotated on a frequent basis. You should check your owner’s manual of your vehicle, but the most common rotation is from back to front or front to back with radial tires.

We Work With All Local Stations

Where you want your car towed to is up to you. We are an independent towing service, we work for you, not a service station. You will not be forced to bring your vehicle to a particular station- it’s up to you- you tell us where you want to have it towed and your wish is our command. Even if you want to have it towed to your home, we will do as you say.


Computer Malfunction

With modem fuel injected engines your car requires a pre-set amount of fuel to start and run, without this exact measured amount of fuel available, the computer will decide to cut the fuel supply until it feels there is enough in the tank. Adding a gallon or two is often all that is needed to satisfy the computer’s requirements for a short period of time.

We’ve seen the surveys on Facebook and social media about people determining their personality based on if they fill their tanks at the halfway mark or go all the way to the bottom.  Funny stuff, but we know it’s all too real when you run out of gas on the side of the road or in the Stop and Shop Parking lot. Don’t despair, call us and we’ll get you up and running again within no time… and again, with no judgement.


Dead Battery?

Did you come out your car in the morning and find a dead battery? With today’s modern vehicles a dead battery is, unfortunately, more common than you might think. But don’t worry, with our 24-hour 7-day a week emergency service, we can come and get you back up and running at any hour. We will test your system to determine if the battery is in need of a charge or replacement. We can test your system and tell you if your charging system is working properly.

If one of the kids left the door open overnight, or you left the lights, on this would drain the battery to the point that it won’t be able to start the vehicle. We can simply charge the battery quickly to get the car started.

By testing the car’s electrical system we can determine the cause of the battery going dead and evaluate the strength of the battery. Often times, if for example there was an unexpected drain overnight, an initial jump start by us and then a short drive, will be enough to bring the battery back to its full capacity.


How To Jump Start A Car

Gone are the days of simply connecting jumper cables from one car to another. Today’s cars are full of computers and high-tech electronic equipment. We don’t just connect jumper cables from our vehicle to the dead battery. We use a system that delivers just the right amount of additional charge your battery needs, no more and no less. Giving too much of a charge to the dead battery can cause a system failure and compromise your entire charging system. We recommend testing your system first, determining the level of the charge in the battery and determining what went wrong, before starting the vehicle. Trying to start the vehicle without the proper charge could cause the computer and electrical system to shut down. If this happens you may need to have it serviced by your authorized dealership so they can reset the computers and programing for your vehicle.


Towing Safety

We are extremely safety conscious. We make sure that no matter what the situation, where the vehicle is, or the weather conditions, everyone and everything is safe.

In a traffic situation we coordinate off the area, making sure it is properly lit and marked. We work with local law enforcement who will also provide additional safety measurements and traffic control.

When it comes to transporting or recovering your vehicle, we are also very safety aware. We make sure that your vehicle is loaded up and secured onto our vehicle the right way. We don’t rush this process, it’s important to make sure that everything is secure and safe before moving the vehicle. We secure your vehicle with multiple chains and safety blocks.

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